Terry Beaubois (ceo)

Terry Beaubois and his team founded Building Knowledge Systems (BKS) to fundamentally improve the building industry by applying current technologies and cross-disciplinary knowledge to increase efficiency and effectiveness, industry-wide. 

This will be through:

  • Providing knowledge “just-in-time” to consumers, students, professionals, and tradespeople.
  • Focusing on increasing the cost effectiveness and efficiency of the Building Industry. 
  • Demonstration of BKS through understandable examples (such as the dishwasher selector) ...




Michael J. Tucker (president)

Michael Tucker’s dedication to Building Knowledge Systems is based on several factors. He is an experienced media executive (print, digital publishing, and Internet), serving in the building industry for more than 25 years. His goals include:

  • Managing all aspects of the media business, including sales, marketing content, and distribution
  • Assembling and leading an unparalleled team to reach project objectives
  • Leveraging his extensive relationships with the nation’s leading building product manufacturers and associations ...




Gregory R. Miller (cto)

As a client-focused architect and designer, Miller saw firsthand how much clients want and need to be part of the design process. They want to know what is going on with every aspect of their homes or other structures, from the appliances they choose to the roofing materials. Especially in the residential space, the client is—or should be—in charge, with advice and recommendations from the designer, contractor and/or builder. That same trend is growing in other sector of the building industry. As a crucial part of the team at Building Knowledge Systems (BKS), Miller’s role is to infuse information dissemination technology into the process to:

  • Bring the building owner(s) into the process, from start to finish
  • Build tools that help homeowners select products for their home and provide just in time information about the different facets of a product or system that are most important to making smarter choices ...