Terry Beaubois

CEO Terry Beaubois and his team founded Building Knowledge Systems (BKS) to fundamentally improve the building industry by applying current technologies and cross-disciplinary knowledge to increase efficiency and effectiveness, industry-wide. 

This will be through:

  • Providing knowledge “just-in-time” to consumers, students, professionals, and tradespeople.
  • Focusing on increasing the cost effectiveness and efficiency of the Building Industry. 
  • Demonstration of BKS through understandable examples (such as the dishwasher selector)
  • Beginning with Residential Building Type and progressing through building types with appropriate apps, and project management tools.
  • ïSuccessful collaboration and communication among disciplines and skilled tradespeople
  • A deeper understanding of the actual complexity and interconnected building industry.
  • Dissemination of knowledge about the connections worldwide of building-industry issues affecting not just the US, but other countries around the globe, learning from and applying solution to the U.S.
  • Better cross-disciplinary knowledge dissemination in schools, colleges, and universities
  • Reducing errors and omissions
  • From his many building industry experiences, Beaubois has learned that to successfully build a building that multidisciplinary collaboration is the key. It is also the key to improving the industry and and making the industry more effective and efficient. He has worked in construction, architecture, engineering, product manufacturing, and media/publishing, and he brings all these experiences to BKS to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the building industry.  


Terry received a Master of Architecture degree in 1973 from the University of Michigan. Among other projects, he has consulted with NASA, Apple, Adobe, and many other Silicon Valley companies, was the architect of record of the San Francisco Ballet Association Building, and has designed many single-family homes. He has been involved in more than 1 million square feet of business buildings in Silicon Valley. His focus on sustainable design has been the lynchpin of his work, and has led to invitations to present around the world. He also worked with NASA to bring aerospace technologies into the building industry that are in use today.

From 1986 to 2006, Terry applied advanced technology to architecture through Terry Beaubois, AIA & Associates and RDCinteractive, Inc. Working extensively with building product manufacturers. Greg Miller joined this effort in 1993. RDCi partnered with Hanley Wood, when Mike Tucker was president of Hanley Wood, publisher of BUILDER and Architect magazines. Together, RDCi and Hanley Wood, created some the first websites in the AEC and pioneered the development of building industry product information in digital formats. 

In 2006, Beaubois founded and directed the Creative Research Lab at Montana State University, College of Arts & Architecture, and was MSU Project Director of the award-winning (MT-USGBC Honor award) Montana ecoSMART House Project. Beaubois was an Consulting Professor, Adjunct Lecturer, and is currently a guest lecturer in the Stanford University. 

Current projects include Smart Communities (Homes; Towns & Villages; Cities). Most of all, his goal is the success of BKS to improve, transform, and disrupt the building industry through knowledge systems.

Beta-Testing of Silicon Valley Technology:

  • SANSAR Virtual World
  • High Fidelity VR
  • Google GLASS Explorer program
  • Second Life
  • 80" screen RCA display
  • HP large color plotters and printers
  • Canoma 3D photographic mapping
  • SketchUP (Boulder, CO)
  • Graphisoft ARCHiCAD
  • MiniCAD / VectorWorks
  • OPENdoc MacOS/Windows
  • Apple Media Tool
  • Apple QTVR (object and spatial)
  • QTVR camera mounting bracket
  • Apple Blackbird (laptop)
  • QuickTake Digital Camera
  • eWorld (email, text messages)
  • WIRED digital article scanner
  • Anoto Digital Paper and pens
  •  Apple Messagepad / Newton
  • Adobe Photoshop pre-1.0 thru Photoshop 6.0• Apple Newton
  • Adobe DIMENSIONS (3D lettering)